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Where to Find Monkeys in Phuket

Where in Phuket can you see monkeys? Almost everywhere. They are all over the island but often concentrate their troops in certain areas in and around the mountains near restaurants, Temples, and parks.

If you encounter a group of monkeys, caution should be your primary focus. Yes, they are cute and cuddly looking, but they can also be vicious, and territorial, and are accomplished, thieves. They can and will snatch anything they can, and are impossible to catch. Not that you would want to chase one because some of them also carry diseases and viruses that you are best to avoid.

Still, they are a huge tourist attraction and can be an exciting and memorable experience. Here are a few places that increase your chances of encountering these curious creatures.

Rang Hill Viewpoint

Mountain Rang Hill Viewpoint is a must-see and a popular destination even for locals. By far this is the most scenic and guaranteed location to find monkeys. The viewpoint overlooks Phuket Island with an extended easement for great photo opportunities. In the evenings, they have live music near the viewpoint which adds to the ambiance.

Have a bite to eat at Tunk-ka Cafe - you won't be disappointed by the food or the view.

Monkey Hill Viewpoint

Monkey Hill Viewpoint, or Khao To Se, is located on the east side of the Island near Phuket Town. The base of the mountain has an exercise park. From there you can begin your walk up the hill, or you can drive. Many of the locals exercise here and walk up the mountain for a brisk walk. Before your trek up the mountain, vendors sell treats to feed the monkeys and dogs.

Sirey Island

Sirey Island is just East of Phuket Town. Though technically an "island", it is separated by a thin and shallow river called Tha Chin. As you cross the bridge, you will find monuments and small roadside attractions dedicated to the monkeys. You can park alongside the road and take photos or feed the monkeys. Vendors are usually everywhere selling peanuts - a monkey favorite.


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