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Medical, Dental, and Cosmetic

Whether an emergency or non-emergency medical/dental needs, Phuket has multiple top-notch clinics and Hospitals located around the island. Doctors speak English and in many cases at the hospitals, they can call an interpreter if English is not your primary language.


Dental Clinics

Dental clinics can be found at all corners of Phuket Island. They offer all of the services and procedures that you would find in your own country,with the same quality of care but possibly less expensive.


Medical Needs

General Practitioners and Specialized Doctors can be found at both hospitals and individual clinics around the island. Many medications are available at pharmacies, but some medications must be prescribed by a medical doctor and filled at pharmacy located inside a hospital.


Cosmetic Procedures

Phuket is famous for cosmetic procedures from botox to breast augmentation. Individual clinics are located around the island, and even in malls. A few of the coal hospitals also cater to cosmetic procedures, as well.

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