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Pet Friendly Restaurants in Phuket

Which restaurants are dog friendly in Phuket? Well, there are quite a few to choose from. Thailand has become more and more dog friendly as the years have passed, and that is especially true for the "farang" rich island of Phuket. Restaurant owners have become keen to attracting food patrons, including the growing number of local pet owners willing to wine and dine at their establishments.

So grab Fido and your sunglasses because allowing pets on restaurant property is usually exclusive to patio seating only.


Bang Tao


Tann Terrace is an exquisite beachfront patio-restaurant perfect for watching the sunset. Karon Beach sits directly up against he patio, with easy access and wash stations for your sandy feet. Full bar and full menu. Check for drink specials and live events on their Facebook or Instagram.

Get direction from Google Maps Here.

Tip: Call ahead for a reservation.

Phone: 0941564546, 0640325628

Sala Mexicali is local favorite with the strongest margs on the island. This hidden gem is a quaint little MexiCali restaurant located right of the main road (Wiset) for easy access. Be aware that there is usually more than one other pet, and of course the local cats that patiently wait for you to share your leftovers.

Visit their website here and/or Google Maps for directions.

Phone: 0640325628

Hohiho is a a botique cafe/restaurant with 2 separate patio areas. Their Thai and Western food selections are quality, and not too expensive. Freshly popped corn is placed at every table to get you started, and the staff is very attentive. Enjoy one of their specialty cocktails while you enjoy the live band

and look over the food menus.

Check out their Facebook Page Here or get direction with Google Maps Here.

Phone: 0658969325

Wine Connection has a large, elevated patio overlooking the main soi inside the heart of Naiharn. Wine Connection consistently offers fair priced wine and cuisine, routinely offering new additions to their menu.

Take a look at their Website Here and get directions at Google Maps.

Phone: 076390700

Eden Grill has a beautiful layout both on the patio overlooking the water and inside the main dining hall. They have an extensive menu along with a stretched bar. Service is always on point and the food/drinks are consistently holding their value.

Check out their Website Here and get directions from Google Maps Here.

Bonus: The owners are extremely welcoming and are dog lovers :)

Phone: 0926585899


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